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gut engineering Germany, highly qualified german experts and consultants in construction, structural design, integrated design, building projects
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We create and manage high performance teams of engineers specializing in the fields of:


  • Construction

  • Structural Design

  • Integrated Design

  • Building Projects 

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We create long term risk adjusted value for our investors through the strong experience in the business investment. We creating positive impacts to every project it invests in. 

Our g.u.t. investment team can point the way to the best solution or basket of options that can help our clients to realize their investment goals. 

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Our g.u.t. managment team deli- vers unparalleled results. We or- ganize and coordinate in the areas of:

• Implementation of changes and innovations in work me- thods or organizetional struc- tures.

• Development of new service or product.

We prepare and plan programs and concepts for:

• Technical Education
• Vocational Training 

• Post-Secondary Education
• Training Programs for Individuals with Disabilities
• Train the Trainer Certification
• Intercultural Competence Training 

• Project Management Certification 

gut trading Germany - Exporting high quality German-made products to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.  Industrial machinery, spare parts, medical equipment, luxury cars, textiles, made in germany
g.u.t. gruppe, gut gruppe, Import export germany, buy german machinery, german exports, made in germany

Our g.u.t. trading customers rely on our expertise regarding the provision of documentation, certificates, approvals, the clearances plus the supervision of payments, especially for the following goods:

  • Industrial Machinery

  • Spare Parts

  • All kinds of Raw Materials (steel,stainless steel, alaminum, brass,copper, plastic)

gut gruppe, g.u.t. gruppe, medical treatment germany, medical services germany, medical experts germany, medical checkups germany

We provide health screening services & private medical care in the fields of:


  • Oncology

  • Orthopedics

  • Plastic surgery

  • Reconstructive surgery

  • Rheumatology 

  • Pediatrics

  • General Diagnostics 

  • Customized medical treatment

gut education and training - study in germany, intercultural training, support services for international students in Germany
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We provide support services for foreigners wanting to pursue an education in Germany. 


  • Bachelor

  • Master

  • Technical education

  • Vocational training 

  • Technical training 

  • Post secondary

  • Intercultural training 


g.u.t. gruppe holding GmbH was founded by Mr. Dipl.‑Ing. Achim Tubail in Kassel, Germany.

We are a globally operating business group seeking to create, establish and develop reliable and mutually beneficial international business and project management activities. Our mission is to bring the highest German standards and technical know-how in the fields of project management, engineering, healthcare, trading, development and education to the whole world. 

Our extensive work experience in various sectors has enabled us to create a strong global network of partners and customers in a variety of engineering, project management, products & service domains.

We encourage you to visit our individual division pages to learn more about our areas of expertise. 

We look forward to being of service to you.


g.u.t. gruppe — the group you can trust.

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Here you can download g.u.t. gruppe full brochure for more details. 


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g.u.t. gruppe holding GmbH

Königsplatz 40-42

34117 Kassel


Phone: 0049 561 7298555-0


g.u.t. gruppe GmbH & Co. KG

Königsplatz 40-42

34117 Kassel



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